I’ve had a tough 2020 and 2021. Most people have. Some of it, I have shared. Most of it, I have not.  But what I do know is that there are days when I am just unable to function because there doesn’t seem to be a resolve to a problem.

So lately I have been trying to see past the disaster to help me cope. I’ve also tried naming a miracle – even if it’s small or mundane. It’s been the only thing that I can very often look back on and realize how far I’ve come. As the old saying goes, trouble doesn’t last always. But it feels like it at the time.

Now I want to create small-batch items that help me keep an open track and record of my disasters and miracles. Because they are big and small. Obvious and not so obvious. I thought maybe you would enjoy these items as a way to help keep you afloat too. Disasters & Miracles is a gentle reminder that disasters and miracles happen to us all…daily. Often at the same time. And I think recognizing when you get through disasters and naming them miracles is the gift.

In full transparency, I get bored very easily. So none of these items will be mass-produced or sold for an extended period. I hate the thought of shipping things out of my garage, so I hope to make buying and selling as painless as possible for both of us.

Until we launch,

Reiko Foster

Creative Director